Eindhoven Station to get new name

Photo credit: Studio040

The Eindhoven train station will be renamed Station Eindhoven Centraal.

The new name will be introduced at the start of the new timetable in December. Only a limited number of cities are allowed to add the word ‘central’ to their stations’ names. These are currently mainly the four large cities in the Randstad area.

According to ProRail, it will take some time before everything has been changed. For example, all nameplates have to be replaced. The costs for the name change will amount to EURO150,000, at most. The Municipality will be largely responsible for this.

According to ProRail, a city must have, among other things, 100,000 citizens to qualify. The main station must also handle 40,000 train passengers a day before it can be designated as a Central Station.

Source: www.studio040.nl

Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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  1. Eindhoven public transport forces everyone around Eindhoven to come to Eindhoven station. This is not an ideal way of transport.
    For eg, When I want to go Aalst from Geldrop using public transport, I must come to Eindhoven and change the bus. But that’s not absolutely necessary when there’s a direct way from Geldrop to Aalst. I personally don’t think Eindhoven deserves centraal station name. At least not yet.


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