Amazing tales on Veterans Story Day

Last week, these former WWII fighters were already honoured. It was no different on the Veterans Story Day.

The day was held in a perfect setting – the International School Eindhoven, formerly the Constant Rebeke barracks. It was the first Veterans Story Day. The purpose of the day was to pass on the veterans, of all ages, stories to the next generations.

The day was also for young veterans. Soldiers who fought for peace and freedom in war zones across the world. Never before have they come together to share films, stories, and books with each other and interested parties. The generation of WWII veterans is dying out. In the forthcoming commemorations, the young veterans must partly fill their role. Their stories and history are just as valuable.

The organisers were pleased with how the day went. Next year, there will certainly be another Veterans Story Day.


Translator: Chaitali

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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