739 fines for smartphone users

On motorways in East Brabant, last week during 7 days of motoring, 739 fines were issued to motorists who used their smartphone while driving.

In addition to a ticket, offenders were also explained about the dangers of using a smartphone behind the wheel. Specifically what kind of negative influence it has on both the driving behaviour and the responsiveness of a driver.

In addition to the fines for using a mobile phone behind the wheel, 138 fines were also handed out for violations such as bumper sticking, overtaking on the right and ignoring a solid line.

Police chief Wilbert Paulissen of the East Brabant Unit drove one service with a coach. “Control from the bus is really a great tool. You see so much more. I think we could have paid double the number of drivers if we had employed more people.”


The purpose of the inspections is, in their own words, to increase road safety and to reduce the number of traffic victims. And is part of the ‘MONO’ campaign to prevent cyclists and motorists from using social media while driving.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Dirk

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