Penalty punishment for hitting and drowning skunk in backyard

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The man from Eindhoven who kicked a skunk in an attack in his garden and drowned him in a bucket gets a community sentence.

That was decided by the court in Den Bosch on Friday morning. The punishment is the same as the one the police judge imposed on the 54-year-old man. The court of appeal emphasises that the person from Eindhoven could have removed the animal from his garden in another way.

The court order of sixty hours – thirty of which are conditional – is, according to the court, ‘appropriate’ and must prevent the man from doing something like that again.

Huge smell

According to the man from Eindhoven, he was suddenly attacked by the skunk on July 2, 2017. The animal squirted a substance into the face of the man, from which he suffered a lot.

Because the man said the skunk continued to attack and threatened the birds and rodents that the man kept in the garden – “I almost had to pull a guinea pig out of his mouth” – he grabbed a stick and a shovel. He hit the animal with that. The skunk did not survive the attack.

The man then placed the animal in a bucket of water to get rid of the smell. The smell was so bad that the fire brigade was called.

“Very cowardly verdict”

The Eindhovenaar is disappointed in the court of justice. “I think this is a very cowardly verdict. The court does not state how I should have removed the animal from my garden. What should I do next time there is such a beast here? I cannot dislodge it. I live in a terraced house, so then it’d be at the neighbours.”

Source: Omroep Brabant

Translator: Dirk

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