Parking garage in Eindhoven hit again: car wheels and lamps stolen

Image source: Omroep Brabant

A gang of thieves responsible for taking wheels and headlights from expensive vehicles in Meerhoven’s Q-Park parking garage in recent months have hit the Eindhoven neighbourhood again.

According to local residents, the thieves mainly target cars with Belgian and German licence plates. People who live next to the garage also park there for a fixed monthly fee. “Recently a German family with children came back from vacation, they were devastated when they saw their car. We have a group app in which photos of the cars are shared”, says local resident Margriet.

According to Margriet, local residents have contacted Q-Park several times. “It makes no difference. Q-Park doesn’t view the security camera images. As long as they can collect the parking fees, they don’t care. And the foreign car owners do not report it. Thieves even stole a Land Rover, and they left only a piece of glass on the ground.”

Shared photos

In the Facebook group ‘Meerhoven Meet Each Other’, victims share photos of their cars, which include Audi and Mercedes Benz models. The thieves come at night, jack up the cars and put a pile of bricks underneath before removing the wheels.

Q-park takes extra measures

A spokesperson for Q-Park Netherlands said they “deeply regret crime.” “We apply visible and invisible measures to prevent vehicle crime, also at other Q-park locations. We will extend the measures for this location.” For security reasons, the spokesperson could not specify which measures are being taken.

Wave of thefts in other garages

Other Eindhoven parking garages have also recently suffered from a wave of thefts. In the first half of this year, the Admirant and the White Lady had a total of 143 thefts, compared to 61 in the same period last year.

Source: Omroep Brabant
Translation: Nicole Cullinan

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