New design museum will probably be named Futurelab

Photo: Gemeente Eindhoven

The new design museum that is to come to Eindhoven will probably be named Futurelab for design and technology.

That is the opinion of Chris Sigaloff, who was appointed on behalf of the municipality to come up with a detailed plan for the new museum. There were various ideas for a name, such as Design Museum voor de Toekomst and Rijksmuseum voor Design. But it will likely be Futurelab. “This fits with the concept, and this is also the title that the minister would like to see for the museum.”

No classical museum
This concept is not a classical museum, where in this case there are designer chairs or designer sofas on pedestals. It is much more about the future and innovation, based on social issues. That means exhibitions, workshops and interactive programs with the public based on current themes, such as loneliness or the future of waste.

Singaloff updated the Eindhoven city council on Tuesday night about the plans. Yet not everyone turned out to be enthusiastic about the Futurelab name. ‘We also want to interest people for this museum who normally don’t care much about design and technology. With the name Futurelab I think it will be difficult to succeed ‘, says CDA party chairman Linda Hofman.

Extra money
For years there has been a desire from Eindhoven for a new museum that fits the profile of the city. There is now a real chance that the city will have this museum. Minister Van Engelshoven wants to set aside a million euros a year for it. Singaloff: “That’s not enough. I am thinking about three million euros. The remainder of the amount must therefore come from, for example, the municipality, province, regional business community and sponsors. ‘

In February there is a detailed plan for the new ‘Futurelab’. It will then take longer than a year for the museum to open its doors.

Source: Studio040

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