Museums in the region want to work together

Photo credit: Philips Museum (Studio 040)

Six museums in the Eindhoven region and the Regionaal Historisch Centrum (Regional Historical Centre) want to work together.

According to the ED, these are the Van Abbemuseum, Philips Museum, DAF Museum, Eindhoven Museum, Vincentre in Nuenen, Museum Helmond, and the Nederlands Steendruk Museum (Dutch Museum of Lithography) in Valkenswaard.

The six museums and the regional archive want to expand and innovate. That is why they want to see if they can make a profit by managing their collections together, presenting them better, and doing research. When it comes to marketing, they also want to do more together. An independent expert will have to find out whether the collaboration is promising. The Mondriaan Fonds (Mondriaan Fund) will be asked to pay for this.

In addition to improving each other’s services, the collaboration should also provide extra money, for example, for research. This is welcome, according to the parties, because they all have limited budgets. Next month it should become clear whether the Mondriaan Fonds will make money available for a feasibility study.


Translated by: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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