Municipality of Eindhoven: ‘No service for visitors with burqa’

Photo: Alain Heeren / Studio040

The municipality of Eindhoven will no longer provide service to visitors who wear ‘face-covering clothing’ and refuse to show their faces.

“A visitor with face-covering clothing is approached by an employee and asked to make and/or keep his/her face visible,” says the municipality of Eindhoven. “If the visitor does not cooperate, we do not provide services and we ask the visitor to leave the premises.”

New law

From Thursday 1 August 2019 the new law ‘Partial prohibition of face covering clothing’ will take effect. This new law prohibits wearing a burqa, balaclava, full-face helmet or other clothing that covers the face in public buildings. Think of schools, healthcare institutions or government buildings. A burqa is now also prohibited on public transport.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Dirk

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