More companies on Automotive Campus, but: ‘We don’t say yes to everyone’

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The Automotive Campus in Helmond is growing. Over the past year and a half, the number of companies has risen from 50 to 65.

This makes the area where transport of the future is the focus an increasingly important link in the Brainport region. More and more companies that focus on mobility settle there. “That’s because we know very well what we want and we want to propagate it,” says director Lex Boon, who is proud of the growth. He immediately emphasises that he wants to continue on this road and that there are challenges.

Three pillars

Many times years have passed before there is a new office or school building on campus. A lot of seeds have to be planted, but in the meantime harvesting has also begun. The management of the Automotive Campus consciously focuses on three pillars. Smart mobility, that is roughly said: self-driving cars. Environmentally friendly transportation. And finally education. With around five hundred students from Fontys, TU/e and Summa, education plays a major role. This also distinguishes the Automotive Campus from, for example, the larger Eindhoven High Tech Campus, where only companies beat the clock.

XYZ Dynamics

One of the companies that benefits and partly takes care of the growth of the mobility site in Helmond is XYZ Dynamics from Alex Pap. His company makes axles for larger vehicles. For example, those axles make a diesel van in one fell swoop hybrid. This is useful because more and more cities use environmental zones to block diesel vehicles. An owner of such a diesel bus does not immediately have to buy a new electric vehicle, but is much cheaper off with an axle by Alex’ company. In this way he responds to the innovative mobility market.


This also applies to the TU/e start-up Spike, specialising in batteries for all conceivable vehicles. “We have already gained several customers here on campus. At the same time, we help the campus with our knowledge about batteries. That’s how we all add something to each other,” says Jeroen Bleker of the start-up.

Supermarket not welcome

The companies are benefiting from the growth of the campus over the past two years. A conscious decision was made on the campus for which companies would and would not be welcome. They must connect with the three pillars that are considered important on the Automotive Campus. “We don’t need a supermarket chain here where Helmond Brandevoort comes to do the shopping,” says Lex Boon with a smile.

The site will continue to be built in the coming years. Electronics manufacturer Delta Electronics will have a new office there and there will be a new building for the Summa College.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Dirk


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