Geldrop Castle celebrates 75 years of liberation

Photo credit: Studio040/Marlies Verdonk

The Stichting Landgoed Kasteel Geldrop’s (Geldrop Castle Estate Foundation), has a new exhibition. It focusses on the WWII occupation and war and celebrating 75 years of liberation.

The liberation exhibition, De Kunst van het Leven in oorlogstijd, (The Art of Living in wartime) is a subdued exhibition. It has children’s stories of the past, for everyone of today.

Marlies Verdonk started writing down her then 90-year-old neighbour, Martien van den Biggelaar’s, stories a few years ago. Mr Van den Biggelaar still clearly remembered all his experiences.

‘This really happened’

During the conversation between him and Marlies, he often said, “These are not stories, this really happened! But who remembers?” This is the subtitle of the exhibition. It characterises the present time. For many people, it is sometimes difficult to understand that living like that was a reality.

Recent discussions with several Geldrop and Mierlo residents are part of the exhibition. Texts, posters, and pamphlets have been made of these. These, in combination with some objects, are being exhibited. Visitors are taken on a journey through the stories, each with a different starting point.

The exhibition can be seen every Thursday, Friday, and Sunday between 14:00 and 17:00, from Sunday, 1 September, to Sunday, 27 October. Admission is free.


Translated by: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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