Fontys: Less alcohol during intro week

Photo credit: Studio040

Less alcohol during the intro week, Fontys wants to fight for that.

According to Fontys, many brand new students would rather not drink so much. Research has shown that many students think that there is too much emphasis on alcohol and parties. That is why this year it will be done differently.

The Fontys students are currently busy with their introduction week. The first two days are organized by study associations and the various study programs. Wednesday and Thursday will be organized Fontys-wide and has the same program for all students.

In order to prevent excessive drinking among new students, it has been agreed with cafés in the city that they will not open their doors to students until the end of the afternoon. And during the introduction days, activities are organized with which students can earn drinks instead of ‘hanging out on the terrace’.

In addition, the Purple Festival has a ‘0.0 area’ this year. With this, Fontys wants to show that ‘non-alcoholic drinking is ok’. Fontys also has bracelets to be able to keep 18+ and 18- apart, and says to uphold it.

Source: Studio040

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