Eindhoven will get shelter voor ‘economic homeless’

Photo credit: Studio040

At the Bellefroidlaan in Eindhoven, a new shelter location for the homeless will start early next year.

It’s called Opstart040, and it’s meant for homeless people who are more likely to get their lives back on track quickly. ‘We see that the group of homeless people in the city is becoming increasingly diverse. More and more often there are homeless people without serious problems, such as long-term addiction. They are people who have more opportunities to get back on track with some guidance. Often these homeless people have debts, and they roam, from guest address to guest address. This new facility is intended for this target group’, explains Thijs Eradus of Springplank040, which guides homeless people in Eindhoven to work.

The shelter in the Strijp district offers space for 15 homeless people. Downstairs are the bedrooms, and activities are organized on the first floor. Eradus: ‘It’s a kind of bed, bath and bread supply. In addition, we offer workshops, or we let them do their own shopping. It is aimed to get them back into the rhythm, and to prepare them slowly for an ordinary life. ” The homeless who are given a permanent place to sleep on the Bellefroidlaan also follow a work-study program at a company.

The group of homeless people is growing rapidly in Eindhoven. There are now an estimated 300 to 400. Because there is not a clear picture of this group, that number may also be larger.

Source: Studio040

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  1. That homeless issue is quite unfortunate. Here’s hoping that these measures help people get back on their feet.


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