Cultural Prize nominees announced

Photo credit: Cultuur Eindhoven (Studio040)

The ten nominees for the Cultuurprijs (Cultural Prize) have been selected by the Cultuurraad (Culture Council).

For the Stimuleringsprijs (Stimulation Prize), Modulab, PLASMA, Wall Street, Warehouse of Innovation, and Wildpark have been chosen. Agnes van Dijk, Angelo Martinus, Miggs de Bruijn, The Ruggeds, and United Cowboys have been nominated for the Waarderingsprijs (Appreciation Prize).

A total of 45 different institutions, creators, and initiatives were nominated. Together with the Cultuurraad, Chairman Maria van der Aalsvoort paid particular attention to these nominees’ added value for Eindhoven.

What do they mean for the city’s culture?

“This year, too, we as the Cultuurraad were mainly guided by what the nominees mean for the cultural field – which initiatives, makers, and institutions surprise and inspire”, Maria says. “For both the Stimuleringsprijs and the Waarderingsprijs, we have selected parties that enrich the cultural field of Eindhoven in a special way”.

The Stimuleringsprijs is awarded to an institution, creator or initiative that has existed for less than five years and holds particular promise for culture in Eindhoven. The Waarderingsprijs is given to a creator or institution with a proven track record.

The Eindhoven Cultuurprijs will be awarded for the third time this year. A jury will choose the final winners. The prize consists of a sum of EUR7,500. In addition to both prizes, a Rabo Publieksprijs (Audience Prize), worth EUR7,500, will be awarded too.

Until 30 September, people can vote for their favourite nominee on the Eindhoven Cultural Prize’s website. The prize will be awarded on 30 October during a festive presentation in the Effenaar.


Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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