Come & watch millions of flowers float by in spectacular fashion

Photo credit: Lianne Wijnen Fotografie, courtesy of Corsa Valkenswaard

Every year, there is a Flower Parade in Valkenswaard on the second Sunday of September. This year’s 66th edition will be on 8 September. And this year’s theme is ’75 years of liberation’.

This parade boasts 14 floats covered in dahlias. These massive moving displays are 12m long and 6m high. More than 30,000 spectators watch this parade float by on the streets of Valkenwaard every year.

The Flower Parade is one of the largest socio-cultural events in Valkenswaard. Several hundred people work on the floats and the cultivation of the flowers. The dahlias are assembled in the three days leading up to the parade. In total, 2,5 million flowers are used to decorate the floats.

This is, however, not just a parade. All along the route, there are activities. These activities will start at 12:00 and continue during the show. They will then switch to the Dahlia After Party. There is also a grandstand with information in English about the show and the flower floats.

Tickets cost €7,50, with free entrance for children under 12. On the day of the parade, tickets will be €9. Combi-ticket and tickets for the Expat Grandstand with English information are €13,00 (€17,00 on the day). Please visit for more details.

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