St. Anna’s, GGzE to join forces

t Anna Ziekenhuis
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The St. Anna Zorggroep (Care Group) and the GGzE are going to investigate which new and innovative collaborations they can start. The two health organisations have signed a declaration of intent for this.

A so-called Schakelteam (Linked team) has identified several possibilities for cooperation in recent months. Further details of the proposed collaboration are being put together with professionals from the institutes.

“I see a lot of added value from our collaboration for the quality and affordability of healthcare”, Ingrid Wolf, Chairman of the Board of Directors of St. Anna, says. Joep Verbugt, the GGzE’s Chairman of the Board of Directors, agrees and adds: “Elderly care and chronic care are important priorities in both organisations. We are convinced we can achieve even more with a comprehensive approach to our patients and clients”.

After the summer, meetings will be held in which employees of both organisations will be asked about the opportunities they see. “They know where this partnership can best profit our patients and clients”.

“We have noticed that some of our target groups are the same, for example, confused elderly people”, Wolf says. “Also, we have the same issues for different groups of people, such as the optimal promotion of a healthy lifestyle or patient compliance. For these groups and issues, we want to offer our joint expertise”.

Integrated Care

Integrated care will be the starting point to further shape programmes. This form of applied care concept is more focused on coordinated and integrated forms of care. Integrated care must ensure that health services work more, and better together, in the often divided health care. The intention is to organise care and support based on the possibilities and needs of the patient or client.


Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven


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