Sinterklaas riot suspects sentenced

Fourteen suspects who caused the riots during the Sinterklaas parade in Eindhoven have been sentenced to community service. The East Brabant Magistrates Court determined this on Wednesday afternoon.

Of the suspects, 13 received sentences of 60 to 160 hours of community service. One suspect was more severely punished with a two-week prison sentence because of his criminal record. Another suspect was acquitted for lack of evidence.

The group of suspects threw eggs, pepernoten, and cans of beer during the Sinterklaas visit in November 2018. They punched and kicked the demonstrators, and a police officer was also injured.

Public violence

What is unusual is that the magistrate decided the suspects committed public violence as a group. This judgement means that it does not matter who exactly did what; they are collectively responsible. The judge did not consider throwing gingerbread cookies and egg cartons as public violence, while the public prosecutor demanded this was the case.


Translator: Chaitali

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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