Park Hilaria entrepreneurs staying over in Eindhoven again

Photo credit: Studio040

The ‘Funfair village’ will be in Eindhoven this year again and no longer in Helmond, as was the case in recent years. 

The trailers, caravans and trucks of the funfair entrepreneurs were parked, on previous editions of Park Hilaria, at an area in Helmond. That site is sold by the Helmond Municipality and so a search for a new temporarily domicile began. Mariola Scheepstra, of the organisation of the fair, was looking to find a location as close to the fairground as possible. Sports park Eindhoven Noord in the district of Woensel has been chosen to accommodate the entrepreneurs.

“We are pleased that this location is closer than the one in Helmond. Last year we already knew that we had to go to a new place”, says an entrepreneur.
The parking lot where the funfair entrepreneurs will be staying, lies in between sports fields, a residential area and a school. The school playground will also be used for temporary settling. The tennis club and the hockey club will together use one parking space for the time being. “All simple solutions that we can come up with during the summer holidays”, says Scheepstra.

Local residents
The “local residents” have been informed via a letter that the ‘Funfair village’ is settling in their neighbourhood. The nearest houses are, however, about a hundred meters from the car park. Starting on Friday, the facilities are constructed on the site. On Monday the first funfair entrepreneurs will arrive.


Translated by: Bob

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