City has plan to address low literacy

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The Eindhoven Municipality, Ster College, and the Eindhoven Library want to tackle the low literacy level in the city jointly. This will be worked on for the next four years as a city plan has been drawn up.

Each year, 1,700 Eindhoven residents who are functionally illiterate must be reached, using this city plan. They must receive targeted support to improve their basic skills.

The approach will start in three neighbourhoods – Bennekel, Doornakkers, and Mensfort. There, working groups will map out what has already been done to tackle low literacy, what is still missing, and what else can be done. After that, agreements must be made with partners and interested parties.

There are an estimated 17,000 to 23,000 low literate people in Eindhoven. Most of them, about two-thirds, are of Dutch origin.


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