ASML is going to invest in Van Gogh

Photo: Studio040

Twenty thousand sunflowers, at the entrance of ASML this morning. The chip machine manufacturer is going to invest in Van Gogh: intensive partnerships are being entered into with Van Gogh Brabant and the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

For example, the Vincentre in Nuenen receives financial support and an extension can be made: a so-called LightLab. Visitors can explore and experience how light had an impact on Vincent van Gogh’s work. ‘In the Vincentre we mainly show what Van Gogh made during his period here in Brabant. That was a fairly dark period for him, so the LightLab will probably also get quite dark. But you can still make it very nicely clear how important color and light were in Van Gogh’s work, “explains Frank van den Eijnden of Van Gogh Brabant.

There will also be intensive cooperation with the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam in the coming years. ASML will be the museum’s main sponsor for the next five years. But apart from money, a lot of expertise is being brought in. CEO Peter Wennink explains: “We have everything in-house when it comes to the control and monitoring of environmental conditions”, something that is of course of great importance for the artworks Van Gogh. In addition, research is being conducted into the preservation of art, for which the condition of the works and of the paint is investigated with light. A team of ASML employees is given time to work on this. Adriaan D√∂nszelmann of the Van Gogh Museum: “Vincent van Gogh said it himself:” paintings wilt as flowers, “it is of great importance that we can maintain and preserve the collection for the future.”

The three parties do not want to disclose exactly how much money is involved. Wennink: ‘But it’s about a substantial contribution. It is at least a six-digit number. ” It is clear that the two Van Gogh organizations are happy with that deal. But it also makes sense for ASML, Wennink believes. ‘Not everything in life is directly economically measurable. We do not only work for shareholders, but ASML also has a social responsibility. We share the love for Van Gogh’s work and legacy. ”

Source: Studio040

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