TU/e students working on technology to charge an electric car in 2 minutes

Photo credit: Studio040/InMotion

TU/e student team InMotion is working on technology to speed up electric vehicle charging.

The students say their Electric Refueling technique, which they hope will be available within a few years, will make it possible to charge an electric car in 2 minutes.

The team has purchased a chassis from car manufacturer Ginetta to work towards their goal. “We wanted to go a step further with our vehicles, so we looked for a well-known car manufacturer. Because InMotion is going to work with a Ginetta chassis, we can guarantee our drivers that the car is reliable, safe, and high-quality”, says chief engineer Julian Schokking.

InMotion is currently developing a battery that can be recharged in 7.5 minutes, which is scheduled to be ready for use in the summer of 2020. “It’s comparable to mobile phones” says Gijs Herings of InMotion. “They used to have to be plugged in for a few hours before being fully charged. Nowadays telephones are fully charged within minutes. We want to charge an electric car as quickly as it takes to refill a normal fuel car. ”

InMotion will debut their technology at the Le Mans 24 Hours event in 2023 to prove it also works under extreme conditions. The team will then become the first participant to run the Le Mans 24 hours electrically.


Source: Studio040
Translation: Nicola W

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