Samen voor Eindhoven new collaboration partner of Eindhoven News

Jacline de Kort (Social Marketeer Samen voor Eindhoven), Irene Martens (Manager Eindhoven News), Julia Geerts (Intern Samen voor Eindhoven), Esther Hofstede (Director Samen voor Eindhoven)

The two foundations Samen voor Eindhoven and Eindhoven News started a collaboration earlier this month. Both active in creating a more connected society they will be able to make use of each other’s specific know how, network, field of working and talent to reach their goals.

Samen voor Eindhoven, wants to make a contribution to a more social Brainport by establishing links between companies and social organisations. That is why they organise volunteer activities for professionals from high-tech companies. The aim is to create a movement where professionals volunteer at least one day a year for social organisations in the Brainport region. By connecting these two worlds together, mutual understanding, appreciation and unique solutions for social issues arise.

There is a growing interest of internationals who like to participate this way, among current (company) volunteers. Samen for Eindhoven is currently setting up a volunteer calendar especially for (young) international professionals and their partners who will be able to connect even more with the region through volunteer work.

Esther Hofstede, founder of Samen voor Eindhoven: “A partnership with Eindhoven News is therefore very valuable to us. By using each other’s network, this partnership can contribute to our mission!”

Eindhoven News will contribute by publishing the activities and events of Samen voor Eindhoven. On the other hand Eindhoven News can make use of the knowledge of Samen voor Eindhoven and connecting with their professional network can benefit all parties.

Irene Martens, Manager Eindhoven News: “We are an organisation developed and sustained by international volunteers for 10 years; that volunteer work enhances your life and increases your possibilities in a wider sense is something we notice every day. Our volunteers have access to a wide range of people and organisations. It is a great way to integrate and take opportunities to develop or grow personally. Therefor we gladly give exposure to the activities of Samen voor Eindhoven.”

Today 24 June, Julia Geerts will present the findings of her research about opening up the Samen voor Eindhoven calendar for expat spouses. Julia is a Business Innovation student and has been doing this as an internship assignment for Samen voor Eindhoven.

The core values of Samen voor Eindhoven collaborate, connect and inspire can be see at work this afternoon.

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