Possibly explosive found on Strijp-S

A possible explosive has been found on an undeveloped site on Strijp-S, next to SintLucas.

During excavation work, something was found in the ground that resembled a grenade. A smoking burning substance came out, a kind of gel. The Defence Explosive Ordnance Disposal Service (DEODS) was then called in.

It may be a phosphorus grenade from the Second World War. Strijp-S was heavily bombed by the Allies back then, because the Philips factories were used by the Germans.

A small part of the school building of the VMBO / MBO education SintLucas has been vacated. According to one of the school’s employees, this is a part of the building where the warehouse is mainly located. There would be no danger to the rest of the complex.

The undeveloped site, on the corner of Torenallee and Ingenieur Kalffstraat, is being prepared for construction work. In the coming years, four apartment complexes will be built on the site, which together form the ‘S West’ project.

The DEODS arrived around 3.30 pm to study the object. According to witnesses, smoke and fire were initially visible, but that is no longer the case.

Source: Studio040

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