Pegida allowed to demonstrate next week at Stadhuisplein

Pegida allowed to demonstrate next week at Stadhuisplein

Pegida is allowed to demonstrate in Eindhoven, Mayor Jorritsma says. Next Wednesday, June 19, at Stadhuisplein.

Pegida had announced three demonstrations for this week, today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Those applications are approved. But, the municipality says, the Public Events Act allows the mayor to make changes to the date, time and location of announced demonstrations. And that happened here.

The municipality writes that Pegida has already discussed the new date and other location last weekend. The anti-Muslim organization agreed with everything except the location change: Pegida would like to demonstrate at the mosque in the area. But Jorritsma does not want to allow that, because he thinks the chance of disorder is too great.

Jorritsma believes that Stadhuisplein as an A location in the city is a reasonable alternative. Counter-protesters also have the opportunity to make their voices heard on Stadhuisplein. There is enough space there for demonstrators and for emergency services. And: the Stadhuisplein is not in a residential area, so that citizens do not have to suffer from it.

Source: Studio040

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