Councillor Rik Thijs: ‘Green city, more neighbourhood biodiversity’

Photo credit: Studio040/Gemeente Eindhoven

On Tuesday evening Rik Thijs was appointed as a new Councillor in Eindhoven. He is now responsible for, among other things, climate policy and public space in the city.

Thijs is Jan van der Meer’s successor. Van der Meer has been appointed to the Provincial Council in Gelderland. The Groen Links party brought Van der Meer in from outside last year after the party came second during the elections. Groen Links entered into a coalition with the VVD (People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy), CDA (Christian Democrats), and PvdA (Labour Party).

“I am going for a green and healthy city in the next few years. For more biodiversity in the city’s neighbourhoods by removing paving wherever possible and putting in plants, and by connecting parks. All this for people and animals. And in the city centre, a visible green revolution: green will be the starting point for the city’s total redesign. Lots of trees and plants, as is already the case on a part of Vestdijk. Green gives energy and green is for everyone”, Thijs says.

Thijs sees Eindhoven as a city of doers. “Not only talking but actually doing. The changes should be visible. And what I find very important: anyone can participate. Less well-off people must also be able to live in a well-insulated house with solar panels”.

Thijs has been a Groen Links Councillor in Eindhoven in recent years. For the last three years, he was Group Chairman. He has given up his role as a strategic advisor at the Municipality of Valkenswaard.


Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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