Careful with your holiday photos; safeguard your home against thieves

How theft proof is your home? Eindhoven Municipality and the police asked that question yesterday (Wednesday) at the Woensel shopping centre. They wanted residents to think about the safety of their homes.

This action is a part of a European action to draw attention to burglary prevention. Research shows there are relatively few cases of break-ins in Eindhoven.

“Every burglary is one too many,” says Sybren van der Velden, National Home Burglary Coordinator. ‘The number of home burglaries has halved in the last five years, but you have to stay alert for possible burglaries. Otherwise, it will only go up. “

Eindhoven Municipality is distributing leaflets in the city and putting up posters. The Woensel shopping centre is providing information about burglary prevention. The neighbourhood watch team held an information evening in the Prinsejagt neighbourhood where, among other things, an ex-burglar explained what ‘opportunities’ he found in the neighbourhood.

“Burglars are like monkeys,” Van der Velden says, jokingly. “They take every opportunity to climb up to get to your open window. Things that other people don’t think about at all, such as your garbage bin standing against a wall. Those could function as ladders for a burglar.” He adds that it is not wise to share your holiday photos on social media, because burglars can often see them.

This summer, all Eindhoven residents who apply for a driver’s license, identity card or passport will receive a brochure about burglary prevention. They will also receive a ‘Neighbours, we are on vacation’ card, with which they can let the neighbours know that they are on holiday, requesting them to keep an eye on things.


Translator: Chaitali Sengupta

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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