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Image source: Samen voor Eindhoven

Julia Geerts, intern at ‘Samen voor Eindhoven’ is working on a research about opening up their volunteer calendar for international spouses.

Julia is a Business Innovation student at Avans University ‘s-Hertogenbosch. She is organising a pilot version of a volunteer program specially for internationals as an extension to her graduation research. From her investigation it appeared that spouses often sit alone at home and have little connection with the environment and are often too little integrated. Participating volunteers can be wives and husbands, single, cohabitants or students (both men and women) though.

Samen voor Eindhoven is an organisation which connects volunteers with social organisations in the local community. It is their mission to help create a more cohesive society. “Doing something for somebody else makes life meaningful. Every action, no matter how small, can change the life of another person and your own. And you can help us by sharing your talent!”

If you are interested in sharing your time and talent (for free!) and connecting locally as a volunteer in one of their activities, please subscribe to the links below. You can also subscribe with your friend(s)!

It’s no problem if you don’t speak Dutch, this is the perfect opportunity to try it a little. Julia will be there too, to guide the volunteers and to make sure you feel at ease.

They have selected the following three activities which are especially open for international groups, you are welcome to join.

  1. Vitality walk with the elderly

May 16th – from 10:00-12:00h at Peppenrode (address)

  1. Get started in the vegetable garden

May 23th – from 9:00-12:00h at Weverkershof (address)

  1. Bootcamp with Elderly (fit for 2)

May 24th – from 13:30-16:30h at Archipel Dommelhoef (address)

When you register and you have to choose a company in our network, please select “anders/other”.

Choose one of the 3 activities that suits you and do good!

This project is supported by Eindhoven News as media partner.

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