Petition to block new Pegida demonstration gets 2000 signatures in a day

A petition against a new demonstration by anti-Islam group Pegida gained more than 2000 signatures within a day.

The initiators of the petition called on mayor John Jorritsma to ban the demonstration.

“Pegida’s message constitutes encitement to hatred and division in our city and society. This should not be given a stage under the guise of ‘freedom of expression’.”, the petition description states.

Earlier, the ten initiators of the petition wrote a letter to the municipality’s executive board. They also called on fellow Eindhoven residents to participate in a counter-demonstration on Friday afternoon at 3:30pm.

Pegida held a demonstration outside the Al-Fourqaan mosque on the Otterstraat on Sunday, having planned to barbecue pork. Several confrontations took place, and ten protestors were arrested.


Source: Omroep Brabant
Translation: Nicola W
Picture: Rob Engelaar

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