More jobs in region, largest group of unemployed still 50+

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More jobs are available again in the Southeast Brabant region. Employment growth is leveling off though.

This is evident from the labor market forecast 2019-2020 of the UWV (Employee Insurance Agency). The labor market in the Eindhoven region is the tightest in the Netherlands. This means that there are many vacancies, but it is difficult for employers to fill them. Especially in the industry and IT are there a lot of vacancies in the region. “We currently have 12,000 vacancies in Southeast Brabant that have not been filled,” says labor market adviser Gerald Ahn.

Educational disadvantage
The many vacancies have a downside. On the one hand, the job seeker has a lot to choose from, but on the other hand employees are brought from far and wide to come and work in Eindhoven. As a result, the unemployed sometimes have the idea that they are being overtaken by academics from Asia, for example. The latter applies in particular to people over 50. “They often have a educational disadvantage,” says Ahn. “You can solve that with training, for example.”

Speed ​​dates or tours
The UWV also faces one of the biggest challenges in the over-50s group. Because even though the group of unemployed people above the age of fifty may fall faster than the group below the age of fifty, more than half of all unemployed people in the Netherlands are still 50+. “For them, for example, we organize speed dates or tours of the city to connect employers to job seekers,” says Nicole Kievits, regional manager at the UWV.

Nationally, the Eindhoven region is one of the five areas where employment is growing fastest.

Source: Studio040

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  1. Well, i have to say, without knowing dutch language its almost impossible to find something, i receive everyday more than 10 emails saying ” im sorry its only for dutch speakers”, and trust me i have more than 8 years of experience as IT Sup and do speak 3 languages of the most spoken in the world, and yet i’m willing to learn dutch but without any opportunity its hard…i was not expecting this kind of difficult when i have chosen Netherlands to be the home of my dreams, Eindhoven is the place where i always wanted to live in but this language barrier imposed by local recruiters and companies are pushing people with good intentions and skills away, i’m not alone on this i’m sure.


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