MMC develops special app for heart patients

Photo credit: Studio040

The Máxima Medical Center (MMC) has developed a special app for heart patients to prepare for their cardiac rehabilitation process.

A cardiac rehabilitation team (consisting of cardiologists, sports doctors, psychologists, nurse specialists, dieticians, occupational therapists and physiotherapists) creates a tailor-made program for 12 weeks, depending on the goals a patient wants to achieve. For example, improving fitness can be the most important goal for one person, while overcoming anxiety or reducing stress can be an important goal for someone else.

“Patients undergoing cardiac rehabilitation can quickly resume their daily activities. In addition, the program helps to minimize the risk of a new heart problem, “says an MMC spokesperson,” The program improves patients’ quality of life and prevents hospital admissions and treatments. ”

With the Flow Heart Rehabilitation app, the MMC wants to better prepare the patient for and during the rehabilitation process. The app contains answers to questions patients have in the period between treatment or hospitalization and the start of the heart rehabilitation program. There are also videos that will make a lot clear. With the help of the app, patients know better what heart rehabilitation can mean for them. They can also use the app to ask specific questions to their nurse specialist.

Source: Studio040

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