Eindhoven News on Local Life guide

Eindhoven News is featured on the spring/summer edition of Local Life Eindhoven.

The cooperation between Eindhoven News and Local Life goes way back to 2009. Both organisations highlighting the treasures of Eindhoven and making Eindhoven a more international friendly place by publishing guides, articles, and other media in English.

Where as Local Life Eindhoven is more focussed on the temporary visitor, Eindhoven News’ attention is mostly on the (new) international residents of the Brainport area.

Ilse van der Palen (Owner Local Life) says about this cooperation: “I am happy with the existence of Eindhoven News in Eindhoven and with what they contribute to the community. The daily news is also valuable for our readers. By cooperating we can help each other and all the (visiting) international people.”

Irene Martens (Manager Eindhoven News): I know Ilse since 2008 from when I just had returned to the Netherlands. Ilse has been building up her guide, website and is expanding on that ever since and so have we. We always have been able to help each other by making each other’s organisations and activities more visible on each of our channels. This space on the Guide is a nice example of how we all can co-exist and help each other forward.


Here you can find the text which is printed on the LocalLife Guide:

Eindhoven News: helping you to find the local treasures.

Hello residents and visitors of Eindhoven! We think you’ve made an excellent choice! Eindhoven has a lot to offer. You might not see it straight away – we don’t have similar picturesque allure several other Dutch cities have – in Eindhoven you just need to dig a little deeper to find the diamonds. They’re spread all over town, and sometimes not that easy to find.

That’s why Eindhoven is such an exciting place. It keeps you on your toes. Once you think you’ve seen it all, a new and fascinating place pops up, a glittering event is announced, or a brilliant new initiative is set up. It never stops here. Creativity flows like the water in the Dommel.

We at Eindhoven News are passionate about keeping you up-to-date on everything that’s happening in the city, and we can barely keep up. On our free website www.EindhovenNews.com, you can find the latest news, useful information, and opinion pieces from internationals living in Eindhoven – all in English. We also publish a selection of local events, handpicked by our team for our non-Dutch speaking readers.

Of course, you may have already learned phrases such as “hoe gaat het?”, “twee koffie alstublieft” and “dankjewel”, but reading the news and finding interesting events in Dutch is a bit trickier. Or maybe you are just not staying long enough to learn the language. Whatever your background and reason for being here, we’ll help you to get involved, to connect with locals, and to stay up-to-date with what’s happening in this Brabant city.

Our team consists of people who landed (or got stranded) in Eindhoven after a foreign experience or have international backgrounds and know what it’s like to be in an unfamiliar country. Since 2009, we’ve been helping newcomers navigate this city by providing daily updates and information in English.

On the hunt for local treasures? Explore our website, visit our Facebook page, or follow us on LinkedIn or Instagram.

Here for one day, or longer? Eindhoven is forever.

Irene Martens, Manager Eindhoven News”

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