Dog owners fed up with dog tax

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Abolition of dog taxes in the Eindhoven Municipality. Waalwijk resident, Niels Aussems, hopes to achieve this by 2020. He has collected thousands of signatures supporting this in a few months.

Abolition of dog taxes in, among other cities, Eindhoven. Niels started a petition to achieve his goal. Hundreds of dog owners, including Niels, are tired of having to contribute extra for resources that are constructed for dogs. Think of dog-friendly parks and poop bins. The construction of benches and playing equipment is also being paid for from the general funds.

According to Niels, there are many municipalities in North Brabant and Limburg that even increase dog taxes when they need money. Per municipality, there are also different rates. For example, you must pay EUR77 for one dog in Eindhoven. In Waalre, you do not pay dog taxes. Dog owners are not happy with this inequality. “Residents must be confident that the municipality runs professionally and transparently”, Niels writes.

‘Dogs are not a burden, but an advantage’

Furthermore, Niels does not see a dog as an expense, but as an advantage. “It keeps residents moving, which in turn leads to social contact”, he says. It is evident from the 1,700 signatures he has collected that Niels is not the only one who thinks so.

On Friday, 3 May, Niels sent the petition to all municipalities. He hopes that they will be willing to compromise. The question remains whether both provinces will actually abolish dog taxes.


Translated by: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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