City Hall renovation begins to take shape

Photo credit: Studio040

The City Hall has been shrouded in scaffolding for a while, but the progress is getting pretty visible from the inside.

In January 2019, the renovation of the City Hall started. The building is to be used again as it once was intended – for all public functions. The Residents Plaza is moving from the Municipal Office back to the City Hall in 2020.

This renovation is a chance to make the building more sustainable. In 2023, every government building must have at least an energy label C. The City Hall has, at present, an energy label G. After the conversion; it will be at an energy label A.

To achieve this, investments are being made in isolation, particularly for the windows and window frames. There will also be solar panels on the roof. Garry Whitrick is Project Manager at the Eindhoven Municipality. He says, “We want to make the city more sustainable and therefore, we, as the Municipality, must set an example”.

The Municipality expects to finish the remodelling in around March 2020.


Translated by: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven



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