Residents positive about migrant workers

Photo credit: Studio040/Tim Vellinger

In the camping farm, De Blauwe Kei, in Mierlo, 95 migrant workers will be located before the summer.

The Municipality of Geldrop-Mierlo has made this decision. “A lot of migrant labourers come to this region. Then you also have the obligation to provide them with housing. The holiday farm no longer ran so well. This is a nice adaptation”, Councillor, Marc Jeucken, says.

The Municipality has previously denied a request for this. Then it entailed a period of ten years. Now it is about 2,5 years, with a possible extension of a further 2,5 years. Jeucken: “We found a period of ten years too long. The farm is located near the highway, and that may be broadened in the long run. Five years are better to manage”.


The evaluation after 2.5 years will be about, among other things, possible pollution caused by the accommodation of nearly 100 migrant workers. But local residents and the Municipality expect it to go well. “I have been living here for 40 years, and I know the owner of the Blauwe Kei well. We have never had any trouble. So I will also not expect it later. Those people also need to live somewhere”, neighbour Pierre Kantelbergs, says.

Another neighbour, Carin Davids, recently discussed this with her family and a few residents in the street. “They are more than welcome here”, she says with a smile. Migrant workers are already working in the neighbourhood. “They never cause a nuisance. In fact, once they even came racing from the fields to our house because they thought our stable was on fire. Fortunately, there was nothing to worry about, but it does indicate that they are involved”.


Translated by: Bob

Edited by: Melinda

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