Man gets no punishment for months of hiding dead father

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The man, who hid the body of his deceased father in Nuenen for months, was found guilty on Tuesday. The court reports that 52-year-old man will not be punished for his deed.

The neighbor of the 84-year-old father alerted the police on 29 April 2018. The inside of her neighbor’s window was full of flies. In the house, the police found the resident on his bed under a blanket. According to research, the man had been dead for at least three weeks, but probably longer.

Father hidden
The son of the man confessed to the judge that he had found his deceased father in February. Out of desperation, he would have closed the curtains, closed the house and set up air fresheners to hide his father’s death. He also told local residents and home care that his father lived with him so that he could take care of his father and no further help would be needed.

Hiding a deceased person for a long time is a serious offense. It may then be that the cause of death can no longer be determined on the body. That is why a month of suspended prison sentence was demanded by the public prosecutor.

Isolation and shame
The man from Helmond confessed his deed and showed regret. He would have been desperate. The defendant led an isolated existence. He was dependent on his parents. They were a stable factor in his life.

In September last year the man had a stroke. As a result, he came into the picture at social support. He currently has more stability in his life. He has more contact with colleagues on day care and with local residents.

The court decided to take the personality of the man into account when determining the punishment. The court also did not want to interfere with the positive developments that the man is currently experiencing. That is why the court declared him guilty, but he was not punished.

Source: Studio040

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