Irrigation of meadows already banned

The Dommel Water Board has banned the watering of meadows with groundwater in the region.

The ban applies from 1 April to 1 June for all farmers and landowners in, among other places, Eindhoven, Nuenen, Geldrop-Mierlo, and Waalre. According to the Water Board, the groundwater level in the high sandy soil areas is still too low. The ban does not apply to the agricultural sector, for example, but does so, for instance, for cattle farmers.


The Water Board is concerned about the groundwater level because the spring started dryer than last year. In addition, the state of the groundwater in this area depends on the amount of rain that falls there. Additional water supply from the large rivers to the Dommel area is not possible.

After the drought of last year, too little rain has fallen to make up the deficit in the high sandy areas. These sandy slopes between Tilburg and Eindhoven are characterised by the fact that water runs off them quickly. Therefore, the Dommel Water Board always keeps a sharp eye on the groundwater level.

Regulation for spring

Each Brabant Water Board decides in the so-called spring regulation where and whether it is possible to use groundwater for the sprinkling of grassy areas. Think of meadows, sports grounds, and golf courses. The goal is to prevent a further decrease in the groundwater supply.

Normally, after a dry summer, the groundwater level recovers in the autumn and winter. However, because there has been relatively little precipitation over the past few months and last summer was extremely dry, this is now not the case.


Translated by: Bob

Edited by: Melinda

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