Organisations thanked for their input

The Tivoli Community Garden. Photo credit: Kern met Pit.

On Thursday, the Eindhoven City Council gave seven neighbourhood organisations cash injections.

Councillor Yasin Torunoglu gave each of these institutions a cheque to the value of EUR1,000. These appreciation subsidies are awarded annually by the Municipality. They go to local initiatives that make a positive contribution to the city cohesion and its residents’ quality of life. These grants are also meant as an incentive for the organisations to continue doing what they do.

The Longcafé Mariette Crombach, the Tivoli community garden, the Drents Dorp neighbourhood meetings, Meerhoven24, Werkplaats Financiën, the Heidehonk Community Centre, and the Gildebuurt neighbourhood watch team all received a cheque.

What do they do?

The Longcafé Mariette Crombach in Gestel arranges outings for people with lung problems. These people then feel less alone. In mid-2018, the community garden between the houses in Tivoli underwent a metamorphosis. Miranda Delhaes, together with a group of volunteers breathed new life into the garden.

In Drents Dorp, a local resident organises activities for the seniors in the area for a small fee. This appreciation subsidy will come in very handy. In recent years, Meerhoven24 has grown into a running event of format. Many volunteers are needed to make this such a success. This cash injection will enable the organisers to come up with a new set-up since most of them will stop this year, after almost ten years.

Werkplaats Financiën‘s (Finance Workplace) success lies with its volunteers. Most of these know, from personal experience, what it is like to have money problems. Thanks to these volunteers, and the work they do, the number of debt cases in Tongelre has fallen sharply.

Bringing a community together

The Heidehonk community centre has recently experienced a revival. This is partly thanks to new volunteers. Their input has resulted in more activities, more volunteers, and a new look. What they mean for Woenselse Heide, a suburb with little social cohesion, is worthy of this appreciation award.

And last, but not least, the Gildebuurt neighbourhood watch contributes actively to the liveability and safety of their neighbourhood. However, they do more than just patrols. The team works closely with the police, city management, and the Municipality.

Source: Eindhoven City Council

Photo: Kern met Pit

Translator: Melinda Walraven

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