Voters queue at Eindhoven Station

Today (Wednesday), the Netherlands goes to the polls again. At Eindhoven Station, voters were already standing in line when the polling station opened. They want to cast their vote for the Provincial Council.

In Eindhoven, people can vote at 78 locations. That can be done at, among other places, community centres, schools, nursing homes, but also at Popei, Parktheater, and Eindhoven Airport. In Waalre, the number of voting locations has been almost halved this year. Taxis are being used to help the elderly get to the polls.

People can vote for a new Provincial Parliament. This vote indirectly influences the new setup of the Eerste Kamer (Senate). The Cabinet can benefit from easily getting plans that have been approved by the Tweede Kamer (the House of Representatives), through the Eerste Kamer. It would help if the parties already in government get a large number of votes today (Wednesday).

Traditionally, the turnout is low during Provincial Council elections. Four years ago it was less than 48%. By comparison, the latest Dutch general election, in 2017, mobilised nearly 82% of the voters.


Translated by: Bob

Edited by: Melinda

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