Tech with a touch of femininity

International Women’s Day was recently celebrated all around the world. The High Tech Campus is planning on extending this celebration.

On Tuesday, 21 May, they will host the ‘Female Tech Heroes’ event. This is a new networking event explicitly aimed at women working in the technology sector. “We want to inspire women in tech, but also women who are curious about technology,” say Hilde de Vocht and Ingelou Stol, the event organisers.

“Research shows that diverse teams perform better,” say the two women. “Individuals of different genders, races, backgrounds, and experiences bring different perspectives. These ideas can lead to innovative solutions.”

“Having key women in senior leadership roles will positively encourage other females to join an organisation that is supportive of advancing women’s careers. This increases overall company growth and productivity,’ they explain.

“We want to bring women together to network, talk about their careers, and inspire each other,” the ladies say. “Our first event, ‘Women in Tech’, was sold out in no time. It was amazing to see the enthusiasm of the women who attended.”

Registration for this full-day event is free, but participants are not obliged to attend the whole event. Please send an email to Ingelou for more information.

Source: High Tech Campus

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