Metropoolregio Brainport Eindhoven on PSV shirt

Photo credit: Studio040/PSV Media

‘Metropoolregio Brainport Eindhoven’ (metropolitan region) can be read on PSV’s shirt starting next season. The club announced this yesterday.

Five major names from the region have put themselves under that heading to put Brainport on the map more prominently.

The High Tech Campus, VDL, ASML, Philips and Jumbo all make a contribution to the special sponsorship deal. It is the first time that it is not a company but the entire region that is central. ‘This is a first in the history of top-level sport. We are creating a new ecosystem and the way we do it is characteristic of the interconnection and cooperation in this region, “says Toon Gerbrands, general manager of PSV. is moving to the back of the PSV shirt. That became known last year. Since then, things were silent about a new shirt sponsor for a long time. Still, people worked hard behind the scenes, says PSV Frans Janssen’s commercial director. “Almost immediately afterwards we informed the Brainport Foundation, the brand owner of Brainport Eindhoven, that there was an opportunity to turn a traditional sponsor concept into an innovative collaboration that would benefit many more parties.”

The new sponsorship deal is therefore no ordinary deal, it is an ‘evolving partnership’, as PSV calls it. Under the Brainport Eindhoven flag, even more companies that feel connected to Brainport can join in the near future.

Incidentally, the Brainport Foundation and the municipalities that are part of it will not put money into the sponsor deal.

Source: Studio040

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