E-waste race to start soon

Photo credit: Gemeente EIndhoven

Ten primary school teams in Eindhoven will take part in the E-waste Race, which starts on 18 March.

These schools will compete against each other to see which can collect the most E-waste in three weeks. The race ends of 12 April. E-waste is any kind of discarded, old or broken electronic equipment.

The E-waste Race aims to encourage people to separate their electronic waste when they are throwing it out. In the Netherlands, two-thirds of the total amount of discarded E-waste is not recycled. This is, purely, because it is thrown out with the rest of the rubbish. This, in turn, means valuable, reusable materials are, literally, going to waste.

Residents can register their old electronic appliances at www.ewasterace.nl. These appliances could be things like hair dryers, DVD players and such. These items will then be collected, by appointment, at your house by the scholars taking part in this race. The e-waste will then be collected from the participating schools. The schools’ scores will be updated on the website. The winning school will go on an outing to the Ontdekfabriek in Eindhoven.

Educational, fun way to recycle

The E-waste Race is meant to be educational. It also contributes to the reduction of harmful materials ending up in the environment. By recycling e-waste, fewer raw materials are also needed. To top it all off, this race also makes recycling easy and fun.

The participating schools are Basisschool De Handreiking, De Wilakkers, ’t Karregat, De Achtbaan, Van Eupenschool, De Schakel, Fellenoord, Beppino Sarto, Slingertouw, and De Korenaar.

The E-waste Race in this region is an iniative of the Eindhoven Municipality. They will ensure that the collected electronic waste reaches reputable recycling companies.

Source: Gemeente Eindhoven

Translator: Melinda

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