Summa students participate in Vakkanjers challenge

Technical students of Summa College in Eindhoven take part in this year’s Dutch Vakkanjers challenge. They have been asked to create a monument about freedom. The Dutch Nationaal Comité 4 en 5 Mei set this year’s challenge.

In cooperation with young professionals of company AAE B.V. in Helmond, the Summa College students will work on the special assignment. Students were asked to express their ideas about freedom in this “monument of today”.

The Dutch committee stated, this “moNUment” – the capital ‘nu’ is a pun on the Dutch word for ‘now’ – should add a new dimension to freedom. Light or incorporating some kind of interaction may help.


Vakkanjers is an initiative of the technical sectors. The event was created to stimulate the influx of well-trained professionals, excellent craftsmen.

As the organisation puts it: “… a programme, [helping] teen boys and girls discover and develop their skills on all levels. All the way from pre-vocational education (vmbo) till intermediate vocational education (mbo) and young working people. …” The organisation points out, teams work like small companies, working on realistic projects.

This year, the Dutch National Committee challenges teams of students. The teams with the best ideas, will qualify for this year’s final challenge: “Vakkanjers LIVE“. This national event takes place inside the Werkspoorkathedraal, a former rail factory hall turned event-space in Utrecht, June the 13th.

Source: Studio 040

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Translator: Kate




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