Eindhoven refugee still has difficult time finding work

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Eindhoven refugees with a status still have a difficult time finding work. Yet it seems to be better than a few years ago.

According to the municipality, less than four out of ten status holders who receive guidance or a course will actually end up with a paid job.

Over the past year and a half, the progress of all kinds of work projects has been monitored for this target group. In total, 532 refugees followed a course. 134 of them now have a full-time job and 70 status holders have part-time work. It is not clear how many permit holders in the city did not participate in a course and are also unemployed.

A few years ago, former alderman Depla already said that it is difficult to get this group paid jobs. A pilot to guide status holders to a job failed. Only four of the fifty participants ended up with a job. Depla pointed out, among other things, the language barrier, lack of clarity about the value of foreign diplomas and employers who often do not know what the rules are for this target group.

The municipality of Eindhoven wants integration into Dutch society and participation through paid work to go hand in hand. To guide status holders to a job, we cooperate with the Refugee Team, Summa College, 04Werkt and temporary employment agencies such as Tempo Team and Manpower.

Source: Studio040

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