Come hear the story of ‘Earthly Survival’

Courtesy of Icarus Films, via MU

Want to hear an intriguing view of life? On Thursday, 7 February, The MU artspace in Eindhoven is screening a short film called ‘Donna Haraway: Story Telling for Earthly Survival’.

This English, 82-minute long film will give the viewer a peek into this important, contemporary thinker’s train of thoughts. Professor Donna Haraway used to teach in the Departments of  History of Consciousness and Feminist Studies at the University of California in America.

In the ’80s, she became known for her work in the area of gender identity and technology. She broke away from the prevailing trends and opened the door to bold transfeminism. With her work, this influential scientist, feminist, and lover of science-fiction bridges the gap between science and fiction.

Filmmaker, Fabrizio Terranova, sought Haraway out at her home in California. He just about moved in with her for a few weeks. Terranova did this so he could produce a unique documentary about Haraway. The result is said to be a rare, candid, intellectual portrait of a woman many consider to be a highly original thinker.

This once-off screening will be held at the MU artspace at 40-06 Torenallee. Doors open at 19:30 and the film will start at 20:00. Tickets, which are available at Eventbrite, cost €7,50. Students only have to pay €5.

Photo: Courtesy of Icarus Films, via MU

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