Chinese New Year celebrated in Eindhoven

Chinese New Year in Eindhoven? It was celebrated with a traditional Lions’ or Dragons’ dance. And by serving and eating lots of special dishes!

This year is called the year of the Pig or Boar. The Chinese zodiac has twelve animal-signs, which change per Chinese year.


It seems, the Jade Emperor said the order in which the zodiac cycle was to be decided, would be the order in which the invited animals would arrive at his party. According to one story, Pig was late because he overslept.

Though another myth mentions, Wolf destroyed the Boar’s home. So Pig or Boar, had to rebuild his home first. Only then did he set off for the Emperor’s party. Of course, he arrived last and had to be content with twelfth place in the cycle.


Regardless: Saturday, Chinese New Year was enthusiastically welcomed in Eindhoven. The centre of festivities was at the Eindhoven shop of Asian supermarket chain “Amazing Oriental”, at Langdonkenstraat 7. Events, free tasting sessions and Asian cooking shows are regularly organized at the shops of this chain.

The traditional Lions’ or Dragons’ dance is often accompanied by lighting fire-crackers. The dances are performed through streets and in front of shops, to chase away evil spirits and bless the area. Moreover, small red bags or envelopes containing money are also distributed.

According to one of the visitors watching the spectacle: “It’s nice to see how other cultures celebrate and welcome a New Year!”.

Thousands of Chinese call Eindhoven their home and celebrated their New Year in style. The growing high-tech sector ensures many people from Asian countries now live in the city. They share their traditions, celebrations, festivals with everybody else in Eindhoven.

Born in the year of the Boar or Pig and being teased about “oversleeping”? Remind your friends: in Chinese culture, pigs are the symbol of wealth and good fortune. Provided you believe in astrology, of course.

Source: Studio 040

Translator: Kate


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