The city pays tribute to some of its great locals

Photo credit: Eindhoven365

More than 100 Eindhoven residents were recently nominated for Een Kei Fijne Lamp (A Great Light).

The reason?  They have done something worthwhile for the local community. These Kei-Eindhovenaren were announced earlier this week at the Eindhoven Municipality’s New Year Reception. Seven of the ten nominees were present at the reception. They received their awards, in the form of Eindhoven’s ‘vibes’, from Mayor John Jorritsma. The remaining three will get their awards later this week.

The reasons why all these people were nominated differed. “But it was clear that they were all very well-deserved”, says Mayor Jorritsma. “Ultimately, these ten were chosen on the basis of their selfless commitment to fellow human beings and society as a whole. This was the connecting factor – their dedication to the elderly, homeless and lonely people, internationals, students, neighbours, and a cleaner world.”

The Kei Fijne Lamp was given to the following people at the event:

  • Maurice Meijer does cycling tours. These are aimed at internationals. In this way, they get to know the city and each other.
  • Dave Hakkens is the founder of the Precious Plastic Community. Here, everyone can transform recycled plastic into something new.
  • Katja Huismans and Eefje Hendriks. They organised a Christmas dinner in Tongelre to help reduce loneliness.
  • Joep Huiskamp who supports various cultural initiatives. He has been active in many local projects for many years.
  • Els Keet who is committed to helping the homeless.
  • Carla Ringersma.  She is a volunteer, assisting the elderly.
  • Frans Booy Lieuwes who has been involved in various capacities in Drents Dorp for many years.
  • Patricia Vermeulen helps the less fortunate in her area. This culminated in the delivery of 80 Christmas packages in Doornakkers.

Then there is a resident that was nominated that wishes to remain anonymous. He did say he is very pleased that his involvement has been acknowledged.

“The nominations were made by friends, family, local residents, and colleagues”, explains the Mayor. “During the Christmas holidays, an extensive selection was made based on the diversity and reach of their good deeds.”

Een Kei Fijne Lamp

This 3D-led lamp in the form of the lit ‘vibes’ played the main role in Een Kei Fijne Film (A Really Great Film). A limited number were made by Eindhoven365 in partnership with VanBerlo, a local design agency.

Een Kei Fijne Film was released by Eindhoven365 as a tribute to all of Eindhoven’s residents. Eindhoven365 is the city’s marketing organisation. The film has been watched more than 240 000 times – more than Eindhoven’s total population.

Photo: Eindhoven365

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