Psychiatrist fired for messaging patient

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The regional disciplinary committee has decided that an Eindhoven psychiatrist is no longer allowed to practice his profession. 

It was found that he had a relationship with a client during and after the period that she was in therapy with him. In more than two years, the psychiatrist and the woman sent each other 30,000 messages via WhatsApp. Some of the messages were sexually explicit.

 A care provider is not permitted to enter into a sexual relationship with a patient who is entrusted with their care, either during the care or after treatment. These rules are applied even more strictly when it concerns a patient with psychological issues. The disciplinary committee, therefore, ruled that, in this case, the psychiatrist’s behaviour was serious, and he had crossed a professional boundary.

The man stated that he regrets his action. According to him, it is possible that his behaviour was caused by his Parkinson’s disease and the medication that he takes for it. But the disciplinary committee did not accept this explanation.



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