Petition to keep Evoluon visible

Photo credit: Studio040

An on-line petition against new building activities around Eindhoven’s Evoluon started this weekend. People involved, are afraid Eindhoven’s iconic building will hardly be visible in the future.

At the end of last year, Philips sold the Evoluon to real estate entrepreneurs Foolen & Reijs and other project developers. The plans of the new owners includes a renovation of the Evoluon, as well as the construction of new buildings in the park surrounding the building.

When asked, Lee Foolen stated at the time, these new buildings would not be higher than the bottom of the dome of the Evoluon. This ensured Eindhoven’s eclectic building would remain visible.

However, the organizers of the petition as well as those who sign it, have no faith in the project developers’ plans. Through the online petition, “Houdt het Evoluon zichtbaar” (keep the Evoluon visible), signatures are collected. The petition is found on the Dutch on-line website

According to the people who created this petition as well as those who sign it, the Evoluon is so important to Eindhoven, it should never be hidden by any buildings.

Sunday, about 28 people had signed the on-line petition.

Source: Studio 040

Translator: Kate

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