Eindhoven primary school offers expat group

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Eindhoven Primary School Reigerlaan offers a special nursery class per today. The group consists solely of expat children from the Eindhoven region.

Director Geert Simons claims his school is the first primary school in the Netherlands to offer such a special expat-class. At the moment, the expat group numbers twenty pupils. The number is expected to grow to 35 at the start of the new school year.

Toddlers in the special expat group include children of internationals from India, Brazil, Italy, Egypt and other countries. The parents work at high-tech companies in the Eindhoven region.

The school started preparations for the special class over six months ago. Two English-speaking teachers were recruited. There is a special international curriculum. Subjects include lessons in English, though attention is also paid to Dutch and Dutch culture.

Director Simons: “There is a demand for this. We are filling a gap. Internationals now have to choose between an international primary school and a regular primary school. If expats stay two years, an international school is better. If they stay ten years an ordinary school is. But many internationals do not know how long they will stay. Our teaching program offers a solution. If the toddlers up to group 8 stay here, they can then go to an international school, but also to a Dutch regular secondary school.”

Mr. Simons mentions, most internationals living in the Eindhoven region know where to find his school. He thinks this is by word-of-mouth advertising. “We are also close to the centre, and many internationals live nearby”, he adds.

The Eindhoven region has become much more international in recent years. Due to the flourishing high-tech industry, companies are increasingly attracting people from abroad. Most newcomers originate from Asia.

International schools in the Netherlands

Of course, the Netherlands numbers various expat-nurseries and international schools with primary school classes. These include British, American, French, German, Chinese and other schools. Most of these international schools are located in the Randstad area (Rotterdam, Utrecht, Amsterdam, The Hague).

Handy websites:

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Source: Studio 040

Translator: Kate

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