Smart traffic lights for better flow on the Ring

In the first half of next year, four locations in Eindhoven will have their existing traffic lights converted into intelligent traffic control systems (iVRs). These locations are all on the northern part of the Ring.

On the Kennedylaan-Evoluon route, these traffic lights will work in combination with smart software. They are set to ensure a better traffic flow on the Ring. The traffic lights on the Kennedylaan-Wolvendijk/N270 route will also be equipped with this smart software.

According to a press release issued by the City Council, these The iVRIs can predict how much traffic is coming and can better recognise it. With this data, crossovers can be made to be more efficient. “A better flow on the Ring will eventually also contribute to a healthy, liveable, and more accessible city”, reads the statement.

The city centre must have less traffic

“We are working on creating an attractive and sustainable city that is, and will remain, accessible”, says Councillor Monique List. “We want the thoroughfare traffic to make more use of the Ring and the edges of the city.”

“If you can reach your destination faster via the Ring, the route through the city centre is less attractive”, she continues. “With fewer cars in the city centre. You get a much more pleasant environment there. A place where you walk, cycle or use public transport.”

The Ring has a total of 23 ground-level intersections where the traffic is controlled by a traffic control system. At the moment, eleven installations on the eastern side of the Ring have been converted into iVRIs. Now there are four more. Together with smart software, this improves the flow on the northern part of the Ring.

An evaluation of the effects of this new technology will be done. An action plan will then be drawn up for the conversion of the other traffic lights by the end of 2019. The goal is to get traffic flowing as smoothly as possible on the Ring.

Source: Gemeente Eindhoven

Translator: Melinda

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