Catharina Hospital booked significant time savings in treatment for stroke

Photo credit: Studio040/Catharina Hospital

Catharina Hospital has further improved the care for patients with a stroke (CVA). Great progress is being made especially in time savings.

The national aim is to start the treatment within 30 minutes after arrival at the hospital. Every minute longer means more brain cells die off; an average of 2 million per minute.

The Catharina Hospital therefore starts the treatment at a CT room instead of at the emergency department. When they see a blood clot in a blood vessel in CT scans, the patient is immediately given a special catheter treatment to remove the clot. That will save 24 minutes in total.

Since 2016, Santeon hospitals, of which Catharina Hospital is a part of, have been working together to improve the care for CVA patients. In the meantime, hospitals have realized a significant improvement in care for these patients, mainly due to time savings.

Source: Studio040

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